A county road painting truck causes accident between car and moped.

Accidents Happen

Before throwing a leg over a street bike, I roamed around on my bicycle. When I was 15, my dad brought home an old Puch moped that he picked up for cheap. (Cheap means whoever owned it couldn’t get it running and was about to junk it, but gave it to my dad instead.) It …

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Riding in the rain

Ride long enough and you’ll get stuck in the rain. Some guys seem to think it’s the end of the world. Others don’t seem to care at all. I’m probably in the middle somewhere. If it’s not cold and I’m not going to work, it’s not a big deal. Rain gear makes it bearable, but …

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Iron Butt

A friend introduced me to the Iron Butt Association sometime in 1997. Long motorcycle rides always intrigued me, and an IBA ride sounded like it might be something to try.  Getting time off from work was always a problem, but I’d get away when I could and take a trip to see a friend a few states …

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First Ride

It was June, 1976. I was nine years old. My mother had just remarried and we were still feeling our way around, trying to get used to our new living situation. My stepfather treated us well and included me in everything and did his best to make it an easy transition. He was an auto …

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Tail of the Dragon

Every motorcycle trip brings the same dilemma. Do I get an early start and try to beat the morning rush, or sleep in and head out after the rush has come and gone? This year, July 19, 2019, I was planning on taking a trip from Yardley, PA., to meet my longtime friend, Darryl, in …

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Winter Failure

New Jersey winters are cold. Not Minnesota cold, but cold enough that most motorcyclists put their bike away until spring. There are a few who will get out on the road during an unusually warm winter day, but not many. Then you have the Polar Bears! These aren’t the Polar Bears who take a dip …

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